The Philippines:  Things You Should Know Before You Go.

The Philippines: Things You Should Know Before You Go.

I was hesitant to visit the Philippines when I was traveling alone because I’d heard it could be “dangerous”.  When I finally did make it there I fell in love with the place.  I never felt threatened once, not even in Manila or Cebu, the two larger cities where much of the warnings are directed.  I was, however, advised by locals to avoid any area south of roughly the 10th parallel north.  For barings, that about the latitude of Puerta Princessa in Palawan.  I can only speak of my personal travels, but what I will say is that the country is vastly varied in landscape culture and offerings.  there is much to discover, explore, and for me it was a perfect place to relax and enjoy it all.  There are some common threads beyond it’s natural beauty and friendly people that aren’t all together positive, but easily overlooked when experiencing all the joys found in this remote archipelago.  Below I outline the basics, like how to get there and around, visas, and generally what to expect.

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